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Amazing Deals on the MAGIX / VEGAS line of Video and Audio Editing Tools

I can vouch for VEGAS; It Was My Company's Backbone for 15 Years

Magix, the owner of its own line of video and audio products as well as the VEGAS line of products, is offering some big sales through October 23rd. I ran my whole company on Vegas, Sound Forge, and Acid (back then owned by Sony.) These products-- still maintained by the original team in Madison, Wisconsin-- use a common, draggable interface that is so easy to learn. I had 10 people on staff and literally EVERYONE could edit on Vegas. And yet it is sophisticated as the best Mac or PC tools out there. (The Vegas products are WIndows-based; Sound Forge is both Mac and PC.)

Here's the best of what's being offered (links built in):

3 Months Subscription to Sound Forge for $1

Sound Forge 3 Suite MAC Edition (purchase) $299

VEGAS family of Video Editing Products 40% Off

If you don't want to buy Vegas outright, but want the best tools this suite has to offer, Vegas is also offered on a subscription basis--click here.

ACID PRO Subscription 3 Months $1 Make sure you select Acid 365 for 3 months-- the subscription price will be $.34 / month.

Acid is a loop editor and music creator; besides being a great way to create royalty free music for your videos, it's a hell of a lot of fun!

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